Whether dealing with a new diagnosis of Crohn's disease, trying to fuel your active lifestyle, or looking to reach a healthy weight, a registered dietitian is the expert that can guide you in reaching your nutrition goals. Atlanta Dietitian Services provides evidenced-based, personalized diet and nutrition counseling. ​dietician

Our specialty areas for nutrition counseling include:

  • Weight management
  • ​Bariatrics
  • Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Gastrointestinal disorders
  • Eating for good health and disease prevention


You’ve decided to make the commitment toward your journey toward a healthier you. You’re ready to stop punishing yourself for eating ‘bad’ foods and to learn how to create nourishing, healthful meals intuitively. Creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is about more than just knowing the right foods to eat. Discover strategies for overcoming the barriers keeping you from meeting your nutrition goals. No tricks, no gimmicks. Just the science-based guidance you need to create a healthy relationship with food.

Initial Consultation and Personalized Nutrition Plan    $140

Our initial consultation and counseling session includes a full nutrition assessment, review of food diary, personalized in-person counseling session, goal setting, recipes, shopping strategies, and grocery list

Grocery Store Tour     $125 for an individual or $75/person for groups

There is no better place to learn the fundamentals of healthy eating than at ground zero: the grocery store. During your personalized tour with a Registered Dietitian you will learn  how to read food labels, find healthy product swaps, and meal plan like a pro. Great for one-on-one sessions or a fun idea for a group! Tours are 75 minutes.


Individual Follow-Up Session    $85

Follow-up with your dietitian on your schedule with these individual in-person sessions. Review your goals and get the support you need to continue being successful

Phone Consultation    $125

If you are not in the Atlanta area or do not have the time to meet for a face- to -face session, we offer the same nutrition counseling by phone appointments. 60 minute personalized counseling sessions also include a comprehensive medical and nutrition history, full nutrition assessment, personalized counseling, goal setting,  recipes, shopping strategies and grocery lists emailed to you after your phone consultation